Re-Homing Fees Apply.

African drum horse.
Carved wood. About five feet tall.
Luo Han.
Gold leaf. About four feet tall.
Seats two. If they're friendly.
Cloisonne horse.
Table top.
Cloisonne scene, table.
Nimba (R) and friend.
Carvings, textiles, weavings.
Drum. Snakeskin and wood.
Assorted percussion.
Table, lamp, rug.
About three feet tall.
Two-piece (bowl and stem separate) metal pipe.
About seven feet tall.
Fly whisks, other artifacts.
Another view of pipe.
Masks, other carvings, weaving.
Masks, baskets, etc.
Face of full body woven mask.
Full body woven mask.
About six feet tall.

Carved boxing figure.
Detail of horse.
Metal hammered over wood.
About four feet tall.
One of several rugs.
Assorted beadwork.
Assorted small figures.
More assorted small figures.
Still more assorted small figures.
Detail of cassowary bird.
Bird about three feet tall.
Bird, table, figurines.
Weaving, carving.
Beverage strainers.
Fly whisks.
Basket of implements.
Pottery, etc.
Unusual odds and ends.


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