In 1980, the first resident of record on the King County parcel received a deed for 'Land with previously used building'.

The previously used building came from the southwest corner of Emerson and Magnolia Blvd, a portion of contiguous land purchased in 1923 by Annette and Leon Bocker.
The Magnolia Heights Property Record Card, Sanborn, and Kroll all illustrate a single dwelling across Emerson from Fort Lawton.

In 1923 the newspaper reported Annette Bocker to erect 'a beautiful California type of bungalow'.

[Photo 1937 City of Seattle.]
The Bockers lived there from 1923 until 1972.

In 1978 September, the owner of record was cited for a vacant dwelling.
Later that year King County issued a permit to relocate the building.

The pictures above show my home nearing its current site.
The first picture looks north along Roseberg Ave S.
The second picture looks ENE over the Duwamish valley.
[Photos 1979Q1. Photographer possibly Al Harris. Polaroids in Slusher house photojournal.]

[Photo 1979 King County.]

[Photo 1990 K L Slusher. UW Special Collections.]

[Photo 1992 King County.]

[Photo circa 2002 King County.]

[Photo 2013.]

[Photo 2016.]

[Photo 2023.]

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Video (2m51s) about home 1923 to 2023.

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